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Jiangsu’s Water Bodies - Rivers, Canals, Lakes

General Information

Jiangsu, referring to "land of rivers and lakes ", boasts a network of lakes, rivers and canals. There are a great number of water bodies crisscrossing the province, specifically on its south portion of the province. The province borders the China East Sea on its east and has a coastline of over 1,000 km, dotted with diverse well-preserved wetlands.

The most famed water bodies include Yangtze River, Grand Canal, Huaihe River, Guanhe River, Qinhuai River, and over 290 lakes, such as Lake Taihu, Lake Hongze Lake Tianmu, and Lake Yangcheng, and more.

From west to east, the Yangtze runs over 400 km through Jiangsu and divides the province into two, the north part and south part, while Beijing-Hangzhou Grand canal runs 690 km from north to south of the province.

There are many favorite lakes in the north of Jiangsu, including the lakes Hongze and Gaoyou. The Huai River, abandoned its usual path to the sea a thousand years ago, runs into the Lake Hongze and eventually flows southwards through Grand Canal or directly into the Yangtze.

Lake Taihu lies on the south bank of Yangtze and refers as “Pearl of the East”, while Qinhuai and its surrounding area forms one of the most attractive tourist centers in Nanjing. In Kunshan, Wujiang and Suzhou, there are several most famed watertowns crisscrossed by a network of rivers and canals, and dotted with lakes and reservoirs.

Most of 13 major cities of Jiangsu have one or more harbors and ports, or both, and they either exit to a lake, a river, a canal, or a sea. A river tour or entertainments on a lake are available, and ferry or ship transportations provide locals and visitors an alternative to travel around.

Jiangsu’s well-known rivers, lakes, canals

  • Dongtai River
  • Doulonggang River
  • Guanhe River
  • Huaihe River
  • Qinhuai River
  • Qishu River (Lianyungang)
  • Rosebush River
  • Shuhe River
  • Xinyi River
  • Xinshu River
  • Xinzegang River
  • Yan River
  • Yangtze River
  • Lake:
  • Lake Gaoyou
  • Lake Hongze
  • Lake Luoma
  • Lake Mochou
  • Lake Taihu
  • Lake Tianmu
  • Lake Qinhu (in Yancheng)
  • Lake Weishan (Pei County, Xuzhou)
  • Lake Xiuangwu (Nanjing)
  • Lake Yangcheng
  • Lake Yunlong (Xuzhou)
  • Canal:
  • Grand Canal (Jing-Hang Grand Canal)
  • Yangzhou-Nantong Canal

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