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Shuhe River

This river was one of Huaihe Riverí tributaries before the Yellow River changed its course. The course change of the Yellow River resulted in serious silting to the Huaihe River normal course so that the Huaihe River was not no longer able to go through its old course. As a result, the Shuhe river flows at random over the northern land of Jiangsu.

The river was one of sources of flooding for the land it flows through. To control the flooding, the local government built the Grand Irrigation canal in 1952, diverting the huge amount of flood discharge to the Yellow Sea and serving as a major water conveyance channel for irrigation in the dry season. At the same time, a lot of efforts had been made to increase the riverís capacity to diverte flood. The project for this purpose was completed in the early of 1950 and is greatly improved the riverís capacity. In 1960s, the New Bianhe Flood Passage was completed, diverting several tributaries, including the Shuhe, in the northern Huaihe plain into the Lake Hongze without passing through the main channel of the Huaihe River.

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