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Qinhuai River

Qinhuai River is a small tributary of Yangtze River and is 110 km in length. The headwaters of the river originate in the Mountain Baohua lied on Jurong County of Zhenjiang and the Mountain Dongting of Lishui County of Nanjing. Two tributaries merge in Fang Shan Di, a town in Jiangning County of Nanjing, to form the river’s initial waterway. The river then runs westwards and is divided into inner and outer branches and the inner branch flows eastwards throughout Nanjing’s municipal area and empties into Yangtze River on the south suburb of Nanjing.

The river was named with two Chinese characters “Qin” and “Huai”, as the river once received water from Huai River channeled during the reign of Emperor Qin Shi Huang in Qin Dynasty in China’s history.

The inner branch of the river, about 10 Li (5 km) in length, is the outstanding tribute of the river as its waterway and rivershore have became the most thriving urban area in China’s history. During the Qin and Ming Dynasties, the area used to be a flourishing place for entertainment, funs, foods, shops, and boats, crowded with diverse visitors, poets, painters … And now you can still feel and see.

The best memorable things for the Qinhuai River are not for the river itself but for the legends and historic relics around the river. The most famed historic attraction, Fuzimiao scenic district, has been titled with the highest national ranking for tourist attraction.

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