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Huaihe River (Huai River)

Like its big brother - Yangtze, the Huai River runs from west to east and eventually exits into the East China Sea. The river is considered a critical landmark geographically that divides China into the northern and southern parts, although traditionally the Yangtze River is thought the dividing line.

Huai River used to flow all the way to the sea through the current northern Jiangsu province. Beginning in 1194, the Yellow River altered its course southwards to run into the Huai River, and altered back and forth several times over the next 700 years. The resulting silting was so heavy that after the Yellow River changed back to its usual course for the last time in1897, the Huai River was no longer able to go through its old course. Instead it pools up into Lake Hongze, and then runs southwards towards the Yangtze River or via Grand Canal. The unusual river course change makes it extremely prone to flooding.

The important tributaries of the Huaihe River include the tributaries merged into the river either bank. The southern bank tributaries contain 5 rivers including Shi-Guanhe River but the northern tributaries contain 7 rivers including the largest one, the Shaying River.

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