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Guanhe River

First, you have to know a fact: there are two Guanhe Rivers in the Eastern China, entitling the same name in China’s water resources.

One of two Guanhe River is 164 km in length and originates in Shangcheng County of Henan Province, running eastwards through Henan and Anhui Provinces, and finally merging with Shihe River renaming Shi-Guanhe River. The river continues running eastwards and reaches the border between Anhui and Jiangsu, and eventually empties into the Huaihe River. This Guanhe River is well known with its fabulous rafting trip along the river, alsophila forests in the nearby mountains, and dinosaur egg fossil museum in Xixia County.

The other Guanhe River, which we would describe here, is an inner river of Jiangsu, originating, running, and flowing into sea within the province. The river is 77.5 km in length and flows eastwards through 10 counties and cities under jurisdictions of Suqian, Huia’an, Yancheng and Lianyungang, and finally runs into the Yellow Sea. Its main tributary is Sihe River.

The river is a natural tide river. It is in general 350 meters in width, 7-11 in depth, and straight, which is considered an excellent waterway for freighters and cruisers. Guanhe connects many major water bodies in the north of Jiangsu, including Yangtze, Huaihe, Yanhe, Grand Canal, Hongze, and Gaoyou. Many experts consider the river’s condition for ship navigation excellence that one can compare with German’s Rhine River or Shanghai’s Huangpu River.

While many rivers in China have been facing water pollution, the Guanhe River is still under good protection and its river levees covered by natural landscapes. Stunning local residents over years, tens of whales from Yellow Sea have swum back into its waterway as deep as 10 km.

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