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Lake Tianmu

The Lake Tianmu, famed as a pearl on the southern bank of the Yangtze River, is situated eight kilometers south of Liyang City, a city under the jurisdiction of Changzhou in Jiangsu. The lake has been honored times as one of national 4-AAAA tourist attractions and one of the provincial tourist resorts. .

Dark blue bamboos, pine trees, and orchards stretches out miles along the lake, In the lake, while the islets are dotted in the lake with pavilions, parks, trails, and more. It is said that the lake combines all the beauties of three most famous lakes in China: the Lake Taihu, the Lake West, and the Lake Thousan-island. The lake water and surrounding farmlands are well protected according to environmental standards. .

Three unique Tianmu delicacies are recommended to test when you visit here: the Sweet Water, Tasty Tea, and Fabulous Fish Head. Ask locals or visit a restaurant for your direction. .

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