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Yancheng Airport

Location: Yancheng
Code: YNZ
Position: 33°23´8"N, 120°7´31"E

Address: Yancheng Airport, Nanyang Township, Yancheng, Jiangsu, P.R.China 224000
Phone: 86-515-821 5000

Yancheng Airport initially opened in 1958 as a military airport. In 1984, the airport started services, shared by both military and civil flights under the permission of the Chinese State Council and the Central Military Commission. Its operational control was heavily shifted to civil use after 1988, supervised by Jiangsu provincial and municipal governments.

The airport is only 6.5 km from the City of Yancheng.

The airport has the capacity to serve aircraft careers including A320, B737, and B767, and has established domestic routes to Beijing, Guangzhou, Wenzhou and Guilin, and an international route to Korean.

It is said that the Jiangsu provincial and local municipal governments are planning to expand the airport into an international air traffic hub in the East of Jiangsu over the coming years and eventually there will be routes to to Japan and Hongkong.

How to get there:

Taxi: Available from or to airport

Buse from and to airport: Bus No. 15 travels between the city’s downtown and the airport.

Car Parking/Rental: Available

Facilities: The airport provides services for banking and currency exchange, hotel booking, post office, shops, food court, information desk, medical emergency, and business centre.

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