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Lianyungang Baitabi Airport

Location: Lianyungang
Code: LYG
Position: 34°33´0"N, 119°15´0"E

Address: Lianyungang Baitabi Airport, Donghai County, Liangyungang, Jiangsu, P.R.China 222345
Phone: 86-518-552 1666 or 518-541 991
Fax: 86-518-552 1688

Lianyungang Baitabi Airport was a military airport base over years. In 1984, the airport started to accept civil use under permission of National State Council and Central Military Commission. On March 26, 1985, the first airway for civil use is established.

The airport carried out its expansion projects twice in 1989 and 1993 and is now a 4D international standard airport shared by both military aircrafts and civil flights. Most passengers may arrive the airport during evenings and nights.

LYG is located on the west Lianyungang and 25 from the city. The airport has charted flights to China’s major cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shengyang, Dalian, Chengdu, and Wenzhou.

The airport has its ticket offices located in the following addresses:
Xingpu District: Hongri Mansion, 48 Chaoyang Road West, Tel 518-541 9917 or 518-551 8666

Office in Donghai County: Tel 518-722 2677

Ganyu County: Tel 518-622 9639

Guanyun County: Tel 518-881 9181

How to get there:

Airport Shuttle Bus: The shuttle bus runs between the airport and its ticket offices in the downtown of the city, located in Hailian Road about 50 meters away from Lianyungang Mingzhu Hotel(122 Hailian Road, Middle Xinpu District.

Taxi: Available for both directions from or to airport

Buse from and to airport:

Car Parking/Rental: Available

Facilities: The airport provides services for banking and currency exchange, hotel booking, post office, shops, food court, information desk, medical emergency, and business centre.

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