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Air China

Location: Headquarter Beijing
Code: CA

Address: Beijing International Post Office PO BOX:100600-6606, PR China 100600
Phone: 86-10-6459 5912
Fax: 86-10-6459 9155
Email: complaint@mail.airchina.com.cn
Website: http://www.airchina.com.cn/index.jsp

Air China Limited is abbreviated as “Air China” and its predecessor, the old Air China, was originally founded in 1988. In October 2002, the Chinese aviation giant merged with other two aviation companies, China National Aviation Company and China Southwest Airlines.

Air China is the only airlines in all Chinese domestic aviation companies, which is allowed to carry the national flag during flying.

Air China occupies a big share in China's domestic air traffic and plays a major role in the nation's international air transportation market.

The air giant offers a superb ground service for 23 international airlines, 4 domestic aviation group and airlines at the Capital Airport, which fills up 65% of all ground service of the Capital Airport.

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