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Air Travel

General Issues

Air travel in Jiangsu is convenient and there are in total 8 airports. Shanghai’s two international airports also give Jiangsu great support in terms of economic and traveling developments, especially in the eastern part of the province close to Shanghai.

Nanjing Lukou International Airport is a major airport of China for passenger air service and for cargo transportation. The airport has 85 air routes to 55 major domestic cities and has direct airway to many international cities such as those in Canada, Japan, and Thailand.

Suzhou has an airport but it is mostly used for cargo transport and military services. If you travel to or from Suzhou by air, you have to use the Shanghai-based airports - Hongqiao and Pudong International Airports - or Wuxi’s Shuofang Airport. Wuxi’s Shuofang Airport is now in the process of name renewal and the airport under the new name will serve Suzhou’s travelers in addition to its Wuxi users.

All eight airports of Jiangsu have been linked to national and provincial highway systems that provide convenient access for air travelers. Taxis, shuttle bus, and other public transportations are easily accessible from airports and are connected to most of major hotels, streets, and attractions. Airports are safe and equipped with up-to-date facilities.

Ticket and Expenses

Air tickets can be purchased from various sources such as hotel receptionists, air traffic agencies and the Internet. Prices for domestic flights are set at standard rates, but discounts are common, especially on the busier routes due to competition among airlines. Most good hotels will have a travel ticket service and will be able to save you 15%-40% off the price of tickets.

Be prepared for flight delays. They are on the increase despite pressures from both the government and consumers.

Travelling between mainland cities and Hong Kong or Macau is considered international, so it can be quite expensive. Although more of a hassle, it is usually much cheaper to fly to or from Shenzhen or Zhuhai, just across the border, or Guangzhou, which is a little further, but offers flights to more destinations.

As an example, the distance from Fuzhou to Hong Kong, Shenzhen or Guangzhou is about the same, but as of mid-2005 flying to Hong Kong cost ¥1400 while list price for the other cities was ¥880 and for Shenzhen discounts to ¥550 were available.

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