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Tour and Sightseeing

Jiangsu is one of the best places in China to see the natures beauty and experience the traditional Chinese culture. Jiangsu has it all, and you do not have to go far to find it. Meticulously selected tour and sightseeing bring you to its deepest inside from Nanjing to Suzhou, or from Yangzhou to Lianyungang.

For those who venture into the outdoor wilderness, into areas where the services of a guide are either recommended or downright essential for organized tours range from boating on Lake Taihu, to hiking remote mountain parks in Jiangsu.

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  Changzhou (1)
Huai'an (0)
Lianyungang (2)
Nanjing (10)
Nantong (0)
Suqian (0)
Suzhou (7)
Taizhou (0)
Wuxi (2)
Xuzhou (0)
Yancheng (0)
Yangzhou (0)
Zhenjiang (1)

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  • Boating, Sailing and Cruising (1)
  • Camping (1)
  • Chinese Cultural Sport (0)
  • Cycling (1)
  • Golfing (10)
  • Guided City Tour (0)
  • Hiking (6)
  • Mountain Biking (0)
  • Kayaking (0)
  • Surfing (0)
  • Tour and Sightseeing Operator (6)

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