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Lake Taihu Area

Lake Taihu Area

Lake Taihu is the third largest of the freshwater lakes in China by area, with 2,250 squire kilometers of surface area. The lake is linked by the Grand Canal in the northwest and its lakeshore is characterized by shallow, sandy beaches and rocky shores. Rocks formed the lake’s basin, a sort of limestone, are the unique material for construction of Chinese traditional classic gardens. Not only is the lake fishing industry fascinating but also its surrounding area is one of China’s largest grain-harvested sites.

Lake Taihu separates Wuxi City into two halves flanking its north and most of western and eastern part, and its neighbor city Suzhou plus Zhejinag Province borders the rest of the southeast and southwest, respectively. With its splendid natural beauty, the lake is well known with varied legends and myths in China’s history.

The lake includes 48 inlets with diverse sizes, 72 peaks and peninsulas along the lakeshore. The best location to view its loveliness is on the Turtle Head Islet located in Wuxi, which extends into the lake. With dotted parks and gardens, the lake is one of the best tourist attractions.

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