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Maps of Jiangsu

Search through our selection of maps to help you in planning your vacation and outdoor adventures in Jiangsu and its neighbors. Tour and sightseeing route maps will provide you to the different destinations.

Regional maps
Jiangsu In China Map
Jiangsu Jurisdictions
Jiangsu Regions
Jiangsu and Its Neighbours
Lake Hongze
Lake Taihu Area
Northern Region of Yangtze River
Southern Region of Yangtze River

Tour destinations
Yangtze River Cruise
Yangtze River cruise offers you the perfect venue for exploring the Yangtze's beauty and visiting antiquity sites along the river. Cruising the Yangtze gives travelers the most fantastic way to discover the breathtaking Three Gorges and the splendid Gezhouba Dam. With our elaborately designed tours, you are given a great change to visit culture-riched cities including Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan, Chongqing, and many more historic places. Enjoy your cruise with your favourite cruise providers.

Lake Taihu Tour
With an area of more than 2200 km2  and an average depth of 2 m, Lake Taihu is the third largest freshwater lake in China. Several dozens of islets, large or small, plus the presence of many fleets of fishing boats adding to its landscape, make the lake a remarkable spectacle. The lake owns its reputation of a thriving fishing industry as well as its ornamental limestone rocks that are native to nowhere else. The most famous scenic spit is the Turtle Head Islet worth most to see. Surrounding the lake, there are splendid classic Chinese gardens to visit. 

Grand Canal Tour
Built 2000 years ago, the Grand Canal is 1764 km in length and is the longest man-made waterway in the world. Running from Hangzhou in the south to Beijing in the north of China and connecting different river and lake systems, the canal ensured booms and developments of local culture and economy lasting for several ancient Chinese dynasties. It greatly presents a marvelous   history. Touring along the canal, you indeed experience its past thriving from dotted cities along with its waterlines.

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