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We respect your privacy. Walter & Weilan Network Inc. creates this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our commitment to privacy.

 Privacy Statement

Much of the specific information requested within our site, including name, address, phone number, etc., is voluntary and need not be submitted by the visitor. We may use this information to contact you. If personal information is submitted as part of a request for information, it is used to investigate or respond to the request. We may redirect your message to another government agency or person who is in a better position to meet your request. We do not release or sell information for the purpose of a third party's marketing program or solicitations.

When you visit our website, we automatically collect and store your domain name and internet address information. This information is used to generate statistics and reports about site traffic and browsing patterns in an effort to make our site more useful to visitors. It is not possible for us to gather personal information from your domain name or internet address.


Although all attempts have been made by our company to ensure the accuracy and reliability of all materials contained within this website, we recognize the possibility of human and/or mechanical error. Information on businesses and organizations within the Jiangsu.NET web site is provided by those organizations and is not verified or endorsed by the web site administration office.
Jiangsu.NET expressly denies any guarantee of the accuracy or reliability of information published on the site and shall not be held responsible for any losses caused by reliance upon the accuracy or reliability of such information. User shall use information obtained through the Internet at own risk and is encouraged to call individual businesses to verify prices, amenities, features, dates and all other important details.

In this website, there are adventures and activities featured that carry significant risk of personal injury or death. We do not recommend that anyone participate in these activities unless they are fully aware of the risks and are willing to personally assume all responsibility associated with those risks. Jiangsu.NET is not liable for incidents or accidents arising from information we provide on this website.

may contain links to websites operated by other parties. The linked sites are not under the control of Jiangsu.NET, and we are not responsible for the content available on any other internet sites linked to the website. Such links do not imply our endorsement of material on any other site and Jiangsu.NET discaims all liability with regard to your access to such linked websites.

Jiangsu.NET does not approve of photos or pictures submitted by individuals who are not the owners of these properties unless these properties are licensed under free license or are released into the public domain with no copyright. We invite any individual to contact us in case that any of the photos or pictures on the site are utilized without the owner's proper authorization and are not freely distributable.

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