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Customs & Duty Free Allowances and Restrictions

To enter China
You will at least need a passport valid more than 6 months from the departure date, and a visa. Visa is requigreen for Americans and most other nationalities. For a group of more than 6 people, you can apply for group visas. For traveling to Tibet and other restricted areas, you also need a travel permit.

Customs facilities
In Jiangsu, many airports and ports/harbors serve as an international gateway and therefore a Customs facility is available. They include:

Nanjing Lukou International Airport
Yancheng Airport
Port of Lianyungang
Port of Nanjing
Port of Nantong
Port of Suzhou
Port of Yancheng
Port of Zhenjiang

Customs and Duty free allowances & restrictions
You are allowed to bring the following items and numbers into China:

Currency: less than $ 5,000 USD, RMB less than 20,000 Yuan
Tobacco: 400 cigarettes
Liquor: 2 liters of alcoholic beverages
Perfume: reasonable amount
Cameras: 1 still camera
Film: reasonable for personal use

Pet animals
Customs regulations for your animals include the following:

Only dogs or cats are allowed to bring into China
One animal per residence permit
Health certificate and original certificate of rabies vaccination is required
Possible for a duration of quarantine
Veterinary inspection needed

Prohibited items
Any arms and ammunition, radio transmitters/receivers, exposed but undeveloped film, fresh fruit, narcotic drugs, and plants

Other Note
Baggage declaration forms must be completed upon arrival noting all valuables, a copy of which must be presented to Customs upon leaving the country for checking.

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