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Downtown core  Residency along the lakeshore
Downtown core   Residency along the lakeshore

General Information
Formed by sediment of sand particles brought in by the Yangtze river in the East Jing Dynisty (317-420 A.D.), Yangzhong is actually a spectacular island sandwiched by the Yangtze River, where the river makes a sharp turn near Yangzhou and Zhenjiang and forms two tributaries. The city is comprised of 4 islands tightly tied together: Taiping, Xisa, Zhongsa and Liegong.

Under the jurisdiction of Zhenjiang Prefecture City, Yangzhong has been a county since 1914 in the Republic of China. It is a city where water surface area occupies near one third of its land mass and economic development is relatively advanced than its neighbourhoods. Its beautiful and well protected environment provides residents and visitors the best promises.

Geography, Resources and Climate
Yangzhong is an island in the Yangtze River, flanked by a number of cities, including Yangzhou and Taizhou from the north and Zhenjiang and Changzhou from the south. Formed by sediment of sand particles, the land is on a floodplain with a low elevation of 4 to 4.5 m over the sea level, no hill available in the island.

Yangtze River stars to form two tributaries on the southwest of the island when it makes a sharp turn, swiching its direction from eastern bound to southeast. The tributary on northwest is the river's main course and the other tributary is much small, called Jia Jiang, that sandwiched Yangzhong together with northwest tributary and seperates it with the mainland. The "Jia" in Mandarin means "is placed between" and "Jiang" means "river". The city faces Yangzhou and Taizhou jurisdictions on its north but Dantu District and Danyang City on its south.

The city is under the influence of East Asia Monsoon, like its neighborhoods. It has a mild and humid climate and seasons are distinct. The average temperature is 14-16ºC and annual precipitation is 1,000 mm.

Administration and Jurisdiction
Under the jurisdiction Zhenjiang, Yangzhong is comprised of 6 towns and one industrial district. The municipal government is stationed in the Town of Sanmao. Its post code is 321182 and the telephone area code 511.

Area and Population
Yangzhong has a land size of 332 square kilometres and its population is less than 300,000 now.

Economy, Industry and Environment
Yangzhong is traditionally considered as an agricultural land but its significance in the city’s economy has remarkably shrunk in the past decade. Now the farming income only occupies about 5% of the city’s revenue. The principal agricultural products include rice, wheat, maize, oil seed, etc.

The fast expansion of its industrial sectors in the past two decades has given the city the best opportunity to improve its infrastructures. Now the city has established its pillar industrial sectors including electronic technology, silicon, fertilizer, chemicals, etc. The city is well known nationwide as well for its engineering-electronic equipment manufacture.

The ecological environment of Yangzhong is well protected and it has been listed as one of the national models for environment protection. Air pollution and water contamination are limited and the municipal government has worked out tough policies to reduce possible damages. Some industrial polluters were ordered to shut down. A small island, Leigong Island, or Island of Thunders’ God, is five square kilometres large and still in wild and untapped.

Transportation and Tourism
At present, Yangzhong is connected to the southern mainland of Zhenjiang by two bridges, Yangzhong-Zhenjiang and Yangzhong-Changzhou, and another five-bridge plan is underway. Via the bridges, the city is accessible to the Jiangsu’s road transport network, directly linking to the south of Jiangsu, including Hunin (Shanghai-Nanjing) Expressway and Jinghu (Beijiang-Shanghai) Railway. It takes two hours and a half by driving to Shanghai Pudong International Airport and one hour and a half to Nanjing Lukou International Airport. The bridge linking Yangzhong and Taizhou is under construction and it will be the first bridge connecting the city to the northern mainland of Jiangsu.

Yangzhong Port is described as the best along the Yangtze River. With a riverbank of 54 kilometers in length, the city has excellent deep water bank for infrastructure of docks for ships up to 100,000 tones.

Tourist destinations include the splendid Yangtze River levees, Guotu Park, etc.

Yangzhong has well instituted compulsory primary education system. The secondary schools including high schools achieves significant graduate rate. No higher learning institution is available in the county.

Culture and Folklore
Fugu rubripes, called pufferfish in Japan, is a fish species used internationally in scientific research for genetics projects. The fish is lethally poisonous if handled inappropriate, but in Jiangsu as well as in Japan, the fish is a most celebrated dish in dinning tables. In Yangzhong, many restaurants cook and sell the dish as a delicacy. You might be interested for this famous weird food.

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