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A view of city  Nature's beauty
A view of city   Nature's beauty

General Information
Lying on the shore of the East China Sea (Yellow Sea), Sheyang is a county under the jurisdiction of Yancheng Prefecture City. Sheyang, “Shooting the Sun” in Chinese Mandarin, was originated from a legend, in which an ancient hero, Hou Yi, fought the nine evil suns and he shot down eight of them, using his strong bow and arrows.

In history, the current territory of the county was separately governed by Huai’an, Taizhou or Yancheng as a salt production field during the Ming and the Qing dynasties. The county became an independent county in 1942 during the Republic of China.

Geography, Resources and Climate
Sheyang is located in the North Jiangsu Plain and the east coast of China. The county has totally 103 km of the east coast line of the East China Sea and more than 70,000 hectares of wetland. The physical size of Sheyang is still in expansion toward the sea duo to the sediment of the huge amount sand particles brought by the Yellow River.

The county borders five cities or counties from three directions, the north, west and south, which are Dafeng, Yancheng, Jianhu, Funing and Binhai. The Sheyang's eastern border is the East China Sea.

Sheyang has a humid subtropical climate influenced by oceanic wind and has distinct four seasons. The annual average temperature is 15ºC and has an abundant annual precipitation. As a coast city, Sheyang has abundant resources of beaches and wetland.

Administration and Jurisdiction
Sheyang is made up of 19 towns and 1 provincial economic development zone. The Town of Hede is the principle urban area and the place for Sheyng’s municipal county government.

Area and Population
Sheyang has a physical land mass of 2,795 square kilometers and its population is over a million.

Economy, Industry and Environment
Sheyang was traditionally a county mainly with earning from agricultural and fishery industry. Its principal agricultural products include cotton, rice, cocoon, fruits, and the production of cotton is listed on the top of China. The East China Sea and its shadow beaches give the county a remarkable wealth.

The county has entered the process of industrialization over years and numerous new industrial sectors have been added to the county’s economy. These sectors include texture, chemical, mechanic and electronics industries. The fishery is also a faithful industry and the industry relies largely on the county’s marine area. The fast development of Sheyang Port and a fishery port, Huangsha Port (Yellow Sand Port) would further enhance the county’s oceanic transport and fishery capability.

Ecological tourism industry has become more magnificent to Sheyang. The county has superb nature resources which are well known nationwide and those resources have already brought a significant economic impact to Sheyang.

Not long ago, Sheyang was an undeveloped land in eyes of Chinese people. It was remote and wild. This land, plus its coastline and tens of thousand hectares of wetland, are still the heaven of wildlifes, regardless of its urbanazation. There is no obvious ecological damage. The local municipal government has been putting stiff environmental rules into practice over years and has spent significant funds to protect its ecosystem.

Transportation and Tourism
Sheyang has a convenient transportation network. Several highways and expressways run through the county and the soon-completed coastline expressway goes through the county from north to south. Xinchang Railway (Xinyi-Changxing) is only 50 km away from the border of the county. Sheyang port serves as a cargo port for domestic waterway transportation and has become an international passenger port for cruises to Japan, Korea and Hong Kong. There is 40 km from the urban area to Yancheng Airport.

In the urban area of the city, the public transit, plus taxi and shuttle bus, provides convenience to the city’s commuters and visitors.

With its abundant natural resources, Sheyang is becoming a tourist hub in Jiangsu. These tourist sites include the National Red-Crowned Crane Nature Reserve and the National Central Fishery Port–Yellow Sand Port. The red-crowned crane is an endangered bird species and has been suggested as the national bird of China. When migrating from Japan and Australia to their wintering habitat, 90% of these birds habitat in Cheyang's natural wetland reserve.

Many tourist attractions are at the provincial level, including Sheyang River Mouth Scenic Region, the Provincial Seashore Forest Park, Xiexing Temple, Fayang Feshery Village, etc.

Sheyang has well instituted 9-year compulsory education system for youths and its high schools, totally 48 junior and senior high schools, achieve a significant graduation rate.

Culture and Folklore
In ancient time, Sheyang was just a wild and remote land close to the East China Sea. The earliest development on the land was related to salt produce starting from the Han and the Tang dynasties. Since then a few of local folklores were developed including its dragon boat race, painting, etc.

Notable Personage
Zhang Jian, the most legendary figure and ambitious statesman in Nantong as well as in China, started planting cotton on this wild and barren land. His pioneer investment finally made Sheyang the best county in cotton production in China.

Xu Xiujuan, the first red-crowned crane trainer in China, was born in Helongjiang Province. She was an employee of a facility of the Yancheng National Red-Crowned Crane Nature Reserve. She worked tremendously hard in hardship environments and died on her post while she tried to save a write swan.

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