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Riverside (Hebin) Park  Han Street
Riverside (Hebin) Park   Han Street

General Information
Pei County, a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Xuzhou, is located on the northwest corner of Jiangsu map. The county has been well known in Chinese history as the hometown for two great emperors in two Chinese dynasties, The West Han (202 B.C - 8 A.D.) and The Ming (1368 - 1644 A.D.).

The land, called Pei later, was recognized as the hometown for two outstanding emperors in ancient Chinese dynasties, Liu Bang, who was the founding emperor of the Han Dynasty, and Zhu Yuanzhang, the founding emperor for the Great Ming.

The county is famed for its mineral resource, coal, and has the largest coal industry in the East China.

Geography, Resources and Climate
Lying in the northwest corner of Jiangsu province, Pei borders Weishan and Yutai counties of Shandong Province on its northeast, by crossing two lakes, the Weishan Lake and the Shaoyang Lake. Two other counties, Fung and Tungshan under the Xuzhou jurisdiction, flank its west and south.

Pei is on the North Jiangsu Plain and no hills or mountains within its boundary, with an elevation of a range of 31-41 m over sea level.

Pei county is under influence of temperate zone and has distinct four seasons. The weather is dry and cold in the winter but warm and humid in the summer. The annual average temperature is 14ºC and the average precipitation is 766 mm. The total sunshine time is close 100 days yearly.

Administration and Jurisdiction
Pei county is under the jurisdiction of Xuzhou and is made up of 15 towns and an economic development zone, which are further divided into 325 townships and villages.

Area and Population
Pei has a physical land mass of 1,349 square kilometers and its total population is a little bit more than a million.

Economy, Industry and Environment
Pei county is traditionally considered an agricultural land in the Jiangsu North Plain and the agricultural income occupied a large share of its tatol GDP. In addition, the county is well known for its natural resource of coal that is the largest industry in the East China. The county is abundant as well for other mineral recourses including salt, lime, potassium, quartz, etc.

The rapid economic expansion and industrialization over the last decade has added numerous new divisions to the county’s industrial sector, including coal industry. However, the excessive mining has damaged the county’s environment and the pollution from coal consuming has made the air very awful. The local government has already been in alert and has installed tougher regulations to minimize the damages from these industrial polluters.

Transportation and Tourism
Pei county has a convenient road-water transportation network, connecting the county to its neighbors and entire region. The county has a short distance, 30 km, to Beijing-Fuzhou Expressway and 65 km to Lianyungang-Huerguosi National G045. The Grand Canal runs through the county from north to south. Pei county has a handy access to railway transport that Xuzhou-Pei railway passes through the county. The Xuzhou Guanyin Airport is 90 km away from the county’s urban area.

In the inner city, the public transportation, plus taxi and shuttle bus, provides convenience to the city’s commuters and visitors.

For tourist attractions, Pei is the place where two popular emperors from two Chinese dynasties were retated. It was the hometown for Liu Bang, the first Emperor of the West Han Dynasty, and the city preserves many relics left by the dynasty. The other emperor, Zhu Yuanzhang of the Ming Dynasty, had his ancestors born to the county. If you want to know more about the Han and the Ming, travel to the county for a marvelous visit.

Pei has well instituted 9-year compulsory education system for youths and its high schools, including junior and senior high schools, achieve a significant graduation rate for students.

Culture and Folklore
Pei is well known as a birthplace for many gold medal holders in Chinese martial art societies, where dozens of the best Chinese martial art masters were famed and earned their titles in various national contests.

Notable Personage
Zhu Tenfa, a Chinese army general, was born in Pei County. His highest army rank is the General Commander of Guangzhou Army Base of Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

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