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Five island Park  Lianshui Expressway
Five island Park   Lianshui Expressway

General Information
Lianshui County is located on the North Jiangsu Plain and is under the jurisdiction of Huai’an Prefecture City.

Archaeological findings have provided the evidence that an early human civilization existed on the land, possible more than 5,000 years ago.

Lianshui was first named as a county jurisdiction in 585 A.D. in the Sui Dynasty, which was adopted from a nearby river, the Lianshui River.

Geography, Resources and Climate
Lianshui is situated in the eastern part of Huai’an jurisdiction, bordering five counties, including Guannan, Xiangshui, Binhai, Funing and Jianhu. Huai’an metropolis flanks Lianshui in the southwest but Suyang in its north. The major body of water is the Salt River that runs through the county from west to east.

Lianshui is on the northern subtropical belt and is influenced by a maritime monsoon climate with distinct four seasons. The annual average temperature is 14ºC around, with the highest 29ºC in the humid summer and the lowest 0ºC in the winter. The average precipitation is close 1,000 mm with around 100 raining days annually. The frost-free period is over 200 days each year.

Administration and Jurisdiction
Lianshui is under the jurisdiction of Huai’an. The county is comprised of 19 towns and an economic development zone. The municipal government is stationed in the Town of Liancheng.

Area and Population
Lianshui has a land mass of 1,676 square kilometers. The salt river is a major water resource and flows through the county. The total population is about one million.

Economy, Industry and Environment
Lianshui is a farming land on the North Jiangsu Plain and its agricultural incomes is the major portion of the city’s revenue. The agricultural produces mainly include crops and cotton.

The rapid economic expansion over years has added diverse industrial sectors to the county's economy, including food manufacture, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile and mechanical industries. White spirit production is an important section that is well-known in this province. Investment capitals have stably increased over years. These financial ventures have greatly improved the county’s economical capability and the county has been honored as a region for agricultural importance.

As still in a limited industrialization, the county is given an account of good environment and eco-system, and is honored as one of Top 100 Green Cities (county-level cities) in China, one of Provincial Ecological Model Counties.

Transportation and Tourism
A quick access to road transport network gives the county a great convenience and this network include three major expressway, Beijing-Shanghai, Tongsan and Huailian (Huai’an-Lianyungagn), running through the county. Other four provincial highway connect all towns and townships with the county.

The Salt River, called Yanhe River in Chinese, runs through Lianshui and connects the Grand Canal and the Yangtze River to the East China Sea, providing a convenient waterway transport to Lianshui.

In the inner city, the public transportation including bus, taxi and cargo transport, long distance buses to near cities or towns, provides expediency to the city’s commuters and visitors.

Lianshui has numberous tourist attranctions including historical sites, parks and temples. These most favorite tourist destinations include Miaotong Pagoda, Five Island Park, and more.

Lianshui has been honored as a region where local residents intend to spend more on education. It has well instituted compulsory primary and the secondary education systems and several high schools are listed as prestigious schools in provincial and national levels.

The Yanhuang University, a private education sector, is a higher learning institute stationed in the county.

Culture and Folklore
Lianshui is well known for its role in many military combats in Chinese ancient and contemporary histories. From a military view, Lianshui has an important topographical position and thus the military occupation become crucial in combats to defeat the enemy. In the history, the region was a battlefield for many conflicts during ancient dynasties, the Anti-Japanese war and the Chinese Civil War.

Notable Personage
Possibly because of spending more on education, Lianshui has many notable natives and some of them are well known in China’s contemporary society, including Lieutenant General Gu Zhutong during the Public of China, the former Shanghai Mayer Ru Xinwen, the current Provincial leader Li Yuanchao who was further promoted to the central government in 2007.

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