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Development Zone  Lone Hill
Development Zone   Lone Hill

General Information
Jingjiang, lying on the northern bank of Yangtze River, is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Taizhou Prefecture City. Jingjiang has been highlighted as a transportation hub to connect the north to south of Jiangsu.

Economically, Jingjiang is considered as a pioneer city to shift the highly developed economies from two economic zones, Shanghai and Nanjing, to the North of Jiangsu.

Geography, Resources and Climate
Jingjiang City is located in the north of Jiangsu with a river bank of 52.3 km in length, where the Yangtze River runs into the sea. Along the bank, the river water is 20 meters deep that composes an excellent natural river port and fifty docks have already positioned.

Jingjiang is nicknamed as “A little Jiangnan (south of Jiangsu)”. The city faces the Yangtze River from three directions: west, east and south, which form its southern, western and eastern boundaries. Across the river, Jingjiang encounters three cities on the south bank of the river: Zhangjiagang, Jiangyin and Wujin, and confronts additional two cities on its northern border: Taixing and Rugao. There is a hilly area in the middle of its territory.

Jingjiang has a maritime monsoon climate similar with its neighbors and four seasons are distinct. Its annual average temperature is 16ºC around, with 5ºC for winter average and 27ºC for summer. The annual precipitation is between 900-1,000 mm. The so-called Mei Yu season, meaning “humid and rainfall abundant” in Chinese, is between 2 to 4 weeks, starting at the begining of June to the begining of July.

Administration and Jurisdiction
Jingjiang is under the jurisdiction of Taizhou. The city is comprised of 11 towns and an economic development zone. The municipal government is stationed in the Town of Jingcheng. In history, Jingjiang was divided and governed by varying jurisdictions, and was approved as an independent city only in 1993.

Area and Population
Jingjiang has a physical land of 665 square kilometers, which is equal to the size of Singapore. It has a population of 660,000.

Economy, Industry and Environment
Jingjiang, traditionally, replied on its agricultural and aquatic income. With its great water resource, the waterway traditionally offers an additional revenue for locals.

The rapid economic expansion over past 20 years has greatly enhanced the city’s economy. Now Jingjiang has unique sectors in electronic, automobile, biomedical and new material industries. There are many distinguished sectors including the largest vitamin C supplemental enterprise, the largest auto locker industry, the 5th largest ship-making venture, and more.

The city has received massive investments from national and international investors which boost its economic capacity. The joint venture has emerged in Jingjiang’s urban area, towns and rural communities and it gears up the economic growth in these areas. Now Jingjiang has been ranked on the front of the list of China’s Top 100 Counties (county-level cities) in 2006 and 2007.

The water transportation is really an advantage for Jingjiang. The Yangtze River provides it an easy access to sea outlet. Jingjiang Port has developed multiple relations with other ports to further magnify its capacity. The development for a planed new port zone will further boost the city’s navigation capability.

Jingjiang’s environment and ecosystem are well under protected, specifically for its water resource. The city is making its effort to maintain its ecological environment and forest. Many facilities and regulations have been set up in heavy chemistry zones and industrial areas to monitor or protect environment and water.

Transportation and Tourism
Jingjiang is a transportation hub in any sense. There are major railways, highways and expressways running through the city. It is 1 to 2 hour driving distance to airports. The waterway transport is no doubt to add the city the convenience. The official opening of the Jiangyin Yangtze River Bridge, connecting Jingjiang (Taizhou) to Jiangyin (Wuxi), further improves the communication between the south and north of Jiangsu. The bridge, with six-lane, spanning the Yangtze and completed in 1999, links the south of Jiangsu to its northern side. The main span of the bridge is 1,385 meters long, making it the fifth longest bridge of its kind in the world. The bridge was designed with three traffic lanes in both directions and pedestrian sidewalks, carring the traffic from two busy national expressways: Tongjiang-Sanya Expressway, which connects the China’s east coast to its south part, and Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, which ties the China’s north with the east.

Xinchang Railway, connecting Xinyi City of Jiangsu to Changxing City of Zhejiang Province, passes Jingjiang, using ferries to cross the Yangtze River, linking another major railway, Jinghu Railway, Beijing to Shanghai.

In the inner city, the public transportation including bus, taxi and cargo transport, charted buses to near cities or towns, provides convenience to the city’s daily commuters and travelers.

Jingjiang has numberous tourist attranctions including historical sites, parks and temples. The most attractive ones include Jingjiang Yangtze Bridge, Gushan Hill, and more.

Jingjiang has well instituted compulsory primary education system. The secondary schools including high schools achieves significant graduate rate. No higher learning institution is available in the county.

Culture and Folklore
Jingjiang has a few folklore including special band using traditional local music instruments.

Notable Personage
Prof. Liu Xiufen, a native of Jingjiang, is a zoologist and an expert in animal disease prevention. He is a well-known academician in Chinese Academy of Engineering and a professor in Yangzhou University.

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