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City's urban area  A street view
City's urban area   A street view

General Information
Located in the central part of Jiangsu, Jiangyan is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Taizhou Prefecture City.

In ancient Chinese dynasties, the present territory of Jiangyan was governed by the diverse jurisdictions, including Donghai in the Spring and Autumn Warlord Period, Hailing in Qin and Han dynasties, and Wuling in Tang Dynasty. The current county-level jurisdiction started in 1994.

Geography, Resources and Climate
On the northern bank of Yangtze River, Jiangyan City is located in the heart of the Jiangsu province. It borders two Nantong’s cities on the east, Dongtai and Hai’an, and three cities under Taizhou's jurisdiction, Taixin, Xinghua and Taizhou urban district. Yangtze River runs eastwards, forming its southern boundary. It fances Zhangjiagang City in opposite of the Yangtze river.

The city has elevation range between 5-10 meters above sea level in average. It is crisscrossed by canals and rivers and the total water surface occupies 15% of its land.

The city lies on a transit belt from the subtropical region to a warm temperate zone with humid wind, and the average temperature is 15°C. Its climate is under the influence of the East Asia monsoon and has distinct four seasons. The annual average precipitation is close1,000 mm and has about 230 days free of frost.

Administration and Jurisdiction
Jiangyan City is under the jurisdiction of Taizhou. The city is comprised of 18 towns, one economic development zone and one scenic region. Its municipal government is stationed in the Town of Jiangyan.

Area and Population
Jiangyan has a land mass of 1,044 square kilometers and its water surface area occupies 15% of its land. The population is close a million.

Economy, Industry and Environment
Jiangyan's economy traditionally depended on its agriculture earning but now the sector only earns less than 5% of the total income of the city. Over years Jiangyan has been speeding up its new strategy to develop an eco-agriculture in its rural area and trying hard to produce more organic products.

The growth in the city’s industrial sectors has already doubled its economic capacity and more investments are pouring in. This significant improvement gives the city a precious opportunity to further expand its growth and provides thousands of job openings to its residents.

As a sprawling urban district, Qinchong Town of the city has been recently undergoing a drastic change. An industrial park and an economic development zone are under construction to attract more investment projects. However, an early sign of industrial contamination is looming.

The local government has made tough by-laws to minimize the side effects brought by the economic growth to reduce damages to its water and environment. It is a sincere hope that the impact of the industrialization will not harm its environment.

Transportation and Tourism
Jiangyan has an easy access to transportation system, including road, railway and waterway. Nangqi Raiway (Nanjing-Qidong) runs through the city from west to east. Nanjing-Qinjiang Highway and G328 National highway connect the city to its neighbors. Rivers and new/old Yangzhou to Nantong Canals offer the city a wonderful waterway for Yangzhou river transportation. There are three-hour driving distances from Jiangyan to Nanjing or Shanghai.

In the inner city, the public transportation, including bus, taxi and cargo transport, long distance buses to near cities or towns, provides a convenience to commuters.

The most attractive tourist destinations include Qinhu Lake Scenic Region, one of the national 4-AAAA tourist attractions, in which wetlands, lakes and islands are abundant.

Jiangyan has well instituted compulsory primary education system. The secondary schools including high schools achieves significant graduate rate.

Culture and Folklore
Qinchong Town, with a history of thousand years, is one of provincial historical and cultural towns and one of Jiangsu Hundred Ancient Towns. There have been many historical relics left from well-known poets, calligraphers, painters, scientists, generals, of ancient Chinese dynasties including the Song, Ming and Qing. These heritage and culture make the town well-known nationally. Each year, hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the town.

Qin Lake, 26 square kilometer in size, is an eco-balanced lake including its wetland, beaches and islands. The lake hosts a Boat Festival each year and is a marvelous folk festival with a national title.

Notable Personage
Notable natives of Jiangyan include Dr. Deren Li, a professor and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who received his doctorial degree in German. His brother, Dr. Deyi Li, a professor and an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, who received his doctorate from a British university.

Other include Huang Longshi, the Chinese Go-chess King in the Qing Dynasty, and brothers Liu Guoqing and Liu Guo Runqing, two famous highest-ranking martial masters in imperial examination in the Qing Dynasty.

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