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A city view  Residency
A city view   Residency

General Information
Situated in the northern site of Nantong jurisdiction, Hai’an County borders three cities of two jurisdictions, Dongtai county under Yancheng jurisdiction and Jiangyan and Taixing of Taizhou jurisdiction. Accumulated evidences from archaeological finding in Hai’an have revealed early human settlers living on the land, tracking back more than 5,000 years. In history, Hai’an as an independent jurisdiction was changed or abandoned many times.

Hai’an county, in addition to a famous agricultural land in cocoon and livestock, is now famed for its textile production and silk manufacture, with a double-digit annual economic growth.

Geography, Resources and Climate
Under the jurisdiction of Nantong, Hai’an is mainly located in hinderland and has only a coastal of about 9 km. It borders three cities, Dongtai on the north, Jiangyan and Taixing on the west. The elevation of the county is low, 1.5 - 5 m in a range over sea level.

There are many rivers and canals running through the county, more than 500 in total. Tongyang Canal is an old canal, built in 179 – 141 B.C. in the Han Dynisty, and was renamed in 1909. It links to Yangtze river.

Jiangdu has a maritime monsoon climate, with distinct four seasons. The annual average temperature is around 15ºC with the hottest 39.7 in July 2003. The coldest weather is in January, 2ºC in average. The average precipitation is little bit more than 1,000 mm.

The most important natural resource is water to provide a convenient waterway transportation and for agriculture. In 2008, a large oil field was discovered and its annual production can be expected to 500,000 tons per year.

Administration and Jurisdiction
Hai’an county is under the jurisdiction of Nantong. It is comprised of 14 towns and 8 townships. Its municipal government is stationed in the Town of Hai’an.

Area and Population
Hai’an county has a land mass of 1,108 square kilometers and has a population of near a million, one of the areas with the most condensed population.

Economy, Industry and Environment
Hai’an was considered as a traditional agricultural land in the past and its agricultural sector is still the priority for the county. It has been well known for its production related to cocoon and livestock. Specifically the cocoon production has topped the province for 24 years in a row and the nation for three years. In addition, other principal farm products include rice, oil seeds, wheat, vegetable, etc. In recent years, the county is speeding up to develop its organic food sector to produce aquatic products, vegetable and fruid.

As the number one for cocoon production in the province, Hai’an has developed its silk industry and its brands is honoured as the best products in China.

The county have kept 15-20% or over of industrial growth in eight years in a row.

The county is a giant to export its construction workers to civil construction market. Each year, this industrial sector creates tens of thousands of jobs to local farmers and makes more than 1 billions of dollars of profit for local economy.

In recent development, a few of industrial sectors have been added to the county’s economy, including natural resource, electronic, mechanic industries and civil construction. Jiangdu’s environment and ecosystem are protected, specifically for its water resources. The city is making its effort to maintain its ecological environment and forest.

Transportation and Tourism
Hai’an has a convenient road transportation and its multiple highway/expressway system links the county to its neighbors. Thses roads transport include national highway 204, 328 and 202, and the Jiangsu Coastline Expressway runs through its eastern portion. Two major railways, Xin-Chang (Xinyi-Changsa) and Ningqi (Nanjing-Qidong) railways, connect each other in the county, offering a fast land transportation.

Two canals, Tongyang and Tongyu canals, link two major river system, Yangtze and Huaihe rivers and provide local residents and small boats an additional waterway.

Air passengers can use two airports, Rogao Airport and Nantong Xingdong Airport.

Industrial pollution is not obvious in Hai’an but some factories have caused environment contaminations. The local government have to face the problems and a significant funding invested to curb the trend.

Like its neighbors, Hai’an has instituted compulsory primary education system. The secondary schools including high schools and achieves a high graduate rate in registered students.

Culture and Folklore
Hai’an is a county where the digestive cancer incidence is higher than other neighbors, specifically for stomach tumors. Many researches have found it may relate to the incorrect diel habits or contaminated drinking water. The central and local governments have spent remarkable funds to teach local residents or treat the patients.

The county is well known for its traditions in dragon dance and drum dance and they are still popular when there is a festival or event.

Tourist destinations are not well known nationally but you have chances to tour its parks, Zhongyang Botanic Garden, and temples.

Notable Personage
The notable people include Wei Jiangong, a famous linguist and editor in modern China, Yang Bing, an ancient mathematician.

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