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Guahe River bridge  Downtown
Guahe River bridge   Downtown

General Information
Meaning the “South of Guanhe River” in Chinese, Guannan is situated on the southern bank of Guanhe River and is under the jurisdiction of Lianyungang prefecture city. Highly praised the excellence of its river basins, Guanhe River flows eastwards into the Yellow Sea and provides treasured water resource to local residents.

The county is one of the national designated eco-agricultural bases and is in full gear to develop its organic and green food industry.

Geography, Resources and Climate
Guannan County is located on the southern bank of Guan (Guanhe) River and at the junction of four prefecture-level cities: Yancheng, Huai’an, Suqian and Lianyungang. It borders Guanyun (a county under the jurisdiction of Lianyungang), Xiangshui (under the jurisdiction Yancheng), Lianshui (under the jurisdiction of Huai’an), and Shuyang (under the jurisdiction of Suqian).

Guan River is an inner river of Jiangsu, running eastwards via Guannan into the Yellow Sea in Guanyun. The river is 77.5 km in length and its main tributary is Sihe River. The river is considered an excellent condition for ship navigation that one can compare it with German’s Rhine River or Shanghai’s Huangpu River. The river is under a good protection for its water environment. Stunning local residents over years, tens of whales from the Yellow Sea have swum back into the river’s waterway as deep as 10 km.

Guannan has a maritime monsoon climate, with distinct four seasons, like most of its neighbors of the eastern coastline of the Yellow Sea. The annual average temperature is close its neighbors 13-15ºC, with 25°C in summers and 5°C in winters. Average rainfall is around 1,000 mm annually and more than 200 days free of frost.

Administration and Jurisdiction
Guannan County is under the jurisdiction of Lianyungang. It is comprised of 18 towns/townships and an economic development zone.

Area and Population
Guannan County has a land mass of 1,041 square kilometers and its population is over 700,000.

Economy, Industry and Environment
Traditionally Guannan' economy dependented on its agricultural income and nowadays the sector is still prominent. The pimary produce includes cotton, rice, wheat, vegetables and cocoon. Over years, a few of industrial sectors have been added to the county’s economic expansion, including forestry, machinery and ship production industries.

The county has been designated as a national and provincial base for eco-agricultural demonstration. This eco-agricultural trial requires more use of organic materials but less use of fertilizer and pesticides. For maximum protection of environment, it is forbidden to use all cumulative pesticides in farmland.

The county’ environment is still nice but with the incoming industrial sectors including ship-making, chemical industries, port construction, the pollutions have already been on the rampage. The local government has made tough by-laws to minimize the side effects to its water and environment. It is a sincere hope that the impact of the industrialization will not harm its environment.

Transportation and Tourism
Guannan is connected by provincial highway, railway and waterway systems. Guanhe River has been considered an excellent condition for ship transportation that one can compare it with German’s Rhine River. The river is under protection for its water quality. There have been a bunch of plans to develop the rive into a port and build an electricity power station as well on its bank.

In the inner city, the public transportation including bus, taxi and cargo transport, charted buses to near cities or towns, provides convenience to commuters and visitors even if the system still needs a major improvement.

Guannan has been listed as one of Jiangsu’s Cultural and Historic Cities, approved by the provincial government, and has an abundance of tourist resources. The major tourist attractions include:

Kaishan Island, dubbed “A pearl of Guan river”, is 5 miles from the shore of the Yellow Sea. It is a wonderful place to tour and explore. God Erlang Temple is for remembrance of the legendary god.

Guannan has well instituted compulsory primary education system. The secondary schools including high schools achieves significant graduate rate. No higher learning institution is available in the county.

Culture and Folklore
In a local folklore myth, the God Erlang Temple was erected in remembrance of the God Erlang, a God depicted in a well-known Chinese fiction novel, Travel to the West. The God Erlang had a fierce battle with a legendary super monkey, Monkey Sun, in the Heaven. The monkey was defeated and escaped down to the earth. In order not to be found, he used his magic power to transform him to a temple palace near the mouth of the Guan River but found nowhere to hide his tail. In a hurry he converted his tail into a pole, erecting behind the palace. In chasing, the God Ealang eventually found the monkey by identifying his tail and captured him. This story was popular in locals and had been collected in many of folklore.

Notable Personage
Rei Xingwen, the formal Mayor of Shanghai, was a native of Guannan.

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