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Yanmin Lake  Zhengjue Temple
Yanmin Lake   Zhengjue Temple

General Information
Donghai, dubbed “Land of Crystals”, is a county under the jurisdiction of Lianyungang Prefecture City.

With 70% of the national reserve of the precious material, Donghai County is best known for its natural crystal production, manufacturing 80% of China’s crystal products. The 4.35-tonne “China Crystal King”, collected and exhibited in the Chinese Museum of Geology, was unearthed in the county.

Hot spring resource promises the county’s additional attraction. Numerous locations for hot springs, which the geothermal heated water temperature could reach as high as 82ºC, have shaped the county’s well known hot spring resort and have been attracting hundreds and thousands of tourists every year.

Geography, Resources and Climate
Under the jurisdiction of Lianyungang, Donghai borders four Jiangsu’s county-level cities, Ganyu, Guanyun, Shuyang (under the jurisdiction of Suqian) counties, Xinyi City (under the jurisdiction of Xuzhou), and two Shandong Province’s counties, Linshu and Yangcheng.

Geographically, the county could be divided into three diverted portions, the flatland, mainly located in the middle of the county, the hills, mostly on the northwest with the highest peak, the Yu Hill Peak at 269.5 m, and the depression on the east.

Donghai, denoting directly “East Sea” in Mandarin, is nicknamed as well “a county with hundred of reservoirs”, which hosts 63 water reservoirs in diverse sizes. Of them, the Shilianghe River Reservoir is the largest one in the province. The county is crisscrossed as well by other 16 rivers.

Like most of its neighbor cities, Donghai has an oceanic monsoon climate and seasons are distinct. It has annual average sun-light of 2,400 hours and frost-free period around 230 days. Its average annual rainfall is about 900 mm.

Administration and Jurisdiction
Under the jurisdiction of Lianyungang, Donghai is comprised of 22 towns and townships, one provincial economic development district and a tourism-vacation zone.

Area and Population
Donghai has a physical land size of 2,250 square kilometers and its population is 1.2 million.

Economy, Industry and Environment
Traditionally, Donghai was an agriculture-oriented county and much of its economy relies on the county's agricultural sector. It is one of China’s Hundred Strongest Agriculture Entities and its agricultural income occupies one fourth of the total GDP of the county. The major agricultural products include rice, oil seed, vegetable, fruit, livestock and forest. The aquatic produce is additional valuable agricultural sector. It has a forest coverage rate of 17% of its land mass.

Donghai has recently added many industrial sectors to its economy and its hi-tech orientated development zone has been attracting international investors. The crystal production and distribution industry are one of its specialties to attract traders nationally and internationally. The county has become one of the most prestigious places for a new material Production, silicon.

It is hoped the rapid industrialization will not harm the county’s natural environment and eco-system.

Transportation and Tourism
Donghai is 50 km away from Lianyungang and 10 km from the Lianyungang Baitabi Airport. Three expressways, Lianyungang-Suzhou, Nanjing-Lianyungang, Lianyungang Expressway, and two national highways, Yantai-Shanghai (G204) and Lianyungang-Tianshui (G310), run through the county and provide an easy access to road transport. There are seven bus stations in the city to launch long distance buses to many of its neighbor cities or towns.

Lianyungang Baitabi Airport is located in the Town of Baitabi of Donghai, which runs more than ten air roads to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc. For waterway transport, Donghai has waterways of 130 km in total which connect the Grand Canal and the Yangtze River via Lianyungang Port. The county is capable to carry out its deep-sea transportation.

In the inner city, the public transportation including bus, taxi and cargo transport, charted buses to near cities or towns, provides convenience to commuters and visitors even if the system still needs a major improvement.

Tourist destinations in Donghai include many historic relics left by the Han Dynasty. A hot spring trip is one of tourist preferences as well.

The Jiangsu Donghai High School is one of the largest and the most advanced high schools in the province. The Donghai Foreign Language School is funded by private sectors and is a successful educational institution. There is no a higher learning institution in the county.

Culture and Folklore
In the Qin Dynasty, this small coastal town was under the jurisdiction of Jushan, an ancient county but later was designated to Haizhou in the Ming and the Qing dynasties. In history, both the name and jurisdiction scope were replaced or changed.

Notable Personage
Zhu Ziqing (1898-1948), was writer and professor who published a lot of poems, books and novels.

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