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Russian land for as low as $5 per 100 m2

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Jiangsu.NET has established solid cooperation with its Russian partners including lawyer firms, media and government agencies. This cooperation has made our network the only few international entity in the world that can formally assist its clients to purchase Russian land for agriculture at the lowest possible prices! These fertile and productive lands are fully developed lands, suitable for farming, horticultural and floricultural purposes. They can also be upgraded with additional license for industrial, manufacturing and real estate usages.

Jiangsu.NET is currently working closely with its Russia partners in three land purchasing projects, in which the agricultural or farming lands are in sizes from a few millions of square meters to 400 millions square meters in historically low prices. The network will assist you to reach the best deal in an efficient way. These land locations vary, from only 100-250 kilometers away from Moscow, the capital of Russia, to China-Russia border. Depending on the location, some fertile land plots are being sold at historically low price starting at $5 USD per 100 square meters. If you have interests in other land plots, the network will assist you in every respects.

As the Russia is one of the fastest growing major economy of the world. By owning a piece of fertile Russian land now, you are investing in the rapidly expanding Russian agricultural market.

The lands are being sold everyday, so if you are interested in purchasing land, do not wait to contact us at landsale@jiangsu.net to request for more information or to initiate a land purchase


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