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Nantong's twin city: Swansea, Wales of UK

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Nantong.jiangsu.NET will publish a series of short articles in its News Section to introduce Nantong's twin cities across the world. The first article introduces the city of Swansea from Wales in the UK.

Nantong's twin city: Swansea, Wales, UK

Nantong's twin city - Swansea of Wales, UKWhen you search with "Swansea", you would immediately see such introduction like "Wales' golden coastal city". Never heard of the the city and where have you been?

Swansea is the hometown of many very well-known hollywood megastars including actress Catherine Zeta Jones, ten miles from the birthplace of Hollywood megastars Anthony Hopkins, Richard Burton and Ray Milland. In the next valley, singer Tom Jones was born. Even the world's first railway service was Welsh - born here in Swansea !

Last Updated on Saturday, 12 September 2009 15:04

Yangzhou's twin city report: Vaughan, Ontario, Canada

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Yangzhou.jiangsu.NET will publish a series of short articles in its News Section to introduce Yangzhou's twin cities across the world. The first article introduces the city of Vaughan from Ontario in Canada.

Yangzhou's twin city: Vaughan, Ontario, Canada

Vaughan, Ontario, CanadaThe city of Vaughan is located in the Province of Ontario and is Canada's fastest growing municipality, and has nearly doubled in size since 1991. It is situated in the York Region just north of Toronto. The city has a total population of roughly 235,000 people, has an area of 275 km², and is made up of four smaller townships: Kleinburg, Woodbridge, Thornhill and Maple.

The city is home to the enormous Vaughan Mills mall, Canada's Wonderland, the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame and Museum and the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, which holds more of the Group of Seven's artwork than any other gallery in the world. Vaughan is also one of Canada's most culturally diverse city's, and hosts many annual events, such as Canada Day Celebrations, the Mayor's Gala and Winterfest.

Last Updated on Saturday, 12 September 2009 14:25

Scientist declined he had seen a UFO

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For years, UFOs have fascinated people, from those in the serious business of science to the layperson. The debate still rages, most of all in the US, the center of the scientific world.

But the latest sighting, many claim, has been in China, even though the scientist who is supposed to have sighted it says: "That's false news. I said 'an unidentified object' not 'an unidentified flying object'."

Last Updated on Saturday, 12 September 2009 03:04

Changshu Lantern fair

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Lantern FairVisitors view colorful lantern scenery at the lantern fair held near Shanghu Lake, in Changshu City, east China's Jiangsu Province, September 2, 2009. The grand lantern fair illuminated the night of Shanghu Lake, attracting lots of tourists.

This year's lantern fair will last for 40 days, starting September 2.



Nanjing spercial report: Sino-Japanese scholars agree on Nanjing massacre facts

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Japanese historians, sent by Tokyo to take part in joint research work with their Beijing peers during the past three years, have recognized the facts surrounding Japan's invasion of China and the Nanking massacre, a Chinese historian said yesterday.

"The Japanese scholars have acknowledged Japan massacred innocent Chinese people in Nanjing and the fact that Japan invaded China. There's no problem with such issues," said Tang Chongnan, head of the China Japanese History Association, during the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences' issuing of its annual report on Japanese development yesterday.


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