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Chinese people are crazy for crayfish

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Chinese people have found themselves in a new food fad: the crayfish over the past few years. Many cities in East China, including Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, have increased consumption for the freshwater shelled fish.

Crayfish restaurants and crayfish farms are booming. State media says consumption in the city of Nanjing of the little freshwater crustaceans has soared by 20% a year. For the latest in our Taste of Asia series, we hear from two sisters in Shanghai - another city that's gone crayfish crazy.


China's medical device industry and market

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The huge potential for China's medical device industry is contributed by a booming economy, a rising health awareness, an aging population, a continuous upgrading of medical devices, and a year-on-year increase of investment in China's medical device industry. As one of the biggest medical device industrial base in China, Jiangsu is becoming the most important market for the local and overseas medical device companies to invest.


Nebe made a documentary for Jiangsu

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Chris D. Nebe, an American film director, has shot 10 documentaries in China in the past couple of years, one of which is for Jiangsu that was made in association with Tina Yao of L&D Media, possibly naming: Land of Fortune.

He mentioned this documentary with media and in his website. His films have brought multiple awards for him over 2014 and 2013. According to Nebe, he will allow more international guests to understand its beauty and then encourage them to invest in Jiangsu.

“I believe that the 19th century was the century of England, and the 20th century was the century of America, and the 21st century is a century of China,” said Nebe and added that the investment environment in Jiangsu is excellent. He plans to travel throughout Jiangsu and China to shoot these films.

Last Updated on Friday, 12 December 2014 02:16

Nanjing school student's Egyptian temple shame

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Nanjing schoolboy's shame

A middle school boy from Nanjing sparked a great national outrage when he defaced an ancient Egyptian temple.

A picture posted online showed the words "Ding Jinhao was here" in Chinese characters on a relief in the Luxor Temple. The words "was here" were in larger characters. The post prompted an online search which revealed Ding's identity, his date of birth and his primary school.

Last Updated on Friday, 28 June 2013 14:09

Jiangsu's H7N9 pandamic seems to come to an end

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Jiangsu.NET has tracked down the development for H7N9 Avian Influenza pandemic cases identified in many cities of Jiangsu, including Nanjing, Suzhou, Changzhou, Suqian and Wuxi since March this year.

In May, 4 H7N9 avian flu patients were discharged from Gulou Hospital in Nanjing on May 15. A simple send-off ceremony was held by the hospital.

Gulou Hospital is one of hospitals where has admitted 6 H7N9 cases since March 27, among whom 2 are still in critical condition, including Nanjing’s first H7N9 patient, surnamed Xu from Jiangning District. Though still in ICU, Ms. Xu can already breathe without the aid of respirator. Another ICU patient is also recovering. Many other hospitals have have also admitted other bird flue patients.

Last Updated on Monday, 03 June 2013 15:43
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