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Tobacco control legislation, China calls

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At the ongoing annual session of the National People's Congress (NPC),  Chinese lawmakers called for speeding up legislation to ban smoking in public places at.

NPC deputy and director of the institute of science and technology under the National Health and Family Planning Commission, submitted two proposals to the country's top legislature, asking to enact a law that would ban public smoking, and to add an item in the advertisement law to prohibit tobacco advertisements, sales promotion and sponsorships.


Chinese New Year comes soon!

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January 31st of 2014, Friday, will be the Chinese Lunar New Year Day! And January 30th, Friday, will be the New Year Eve. We need to celebrate them with friends or family members!

chinese new year

The festival has a lot of longstanding traditions and goes for 15 days. With its joyful spirit and rich history, Chinese New Year is a fascinating holiday. We've compiled a list of 20 things you may need to know about the new year celebrations — now you can seek out events where you live and join in on the merriment.

1. The 15-day festival, which starts on January 31 this year, is based on a combination of lunar and solar movements. It starts with the first new moon of each calendar year and ends on the full moon.

2. Food is a big part of Chinese New Year celebrations, and many meals are eaten with family and friends. Some traditional dishes for the holidays are nian gao cake, steamed rice pudding, long noodles, and dumplings.


Merry Christmas

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Hey all friends,

Wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Exercises and China's air pollution

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An eight-year-old girl becomes China's 'youngest' lung-cancer patient as Jiangsu's doctors blame high levels of air pollution is responsible for her condition. Let us get expert's opinion to deal with this when we are in China.

While aerobic activity is one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle, air pollution and exercise can be an unhealthy combination. This is especially true if you have asthma, diabetes, heart or lung conditions, or lower respiratory disease.


World’s Great and Most Dangerous Walkway: Huanshan Trail

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Daredevil tourists navigate narrow walkway on sheer mountain, Shaanxi Province

Situated just 120 kilometers East of Shan City, in Shaanxi province, Huashan is a mountain and one of the country's most popular tourist attractions. This mountain has a lot of ancient Taoist temples and it is most famous for the dangerous hiking trail to the summit.

Known as the Number One Precipitous Mountain in this country, Mount Huashan proudly lives up to its reputation through its incredibly dangerous hiking trail. That's what you have to keep in mind if you plan to tackle this beast: Huashan Trail is not about mountain-climbing but hiking. As such, you don't get to use special equipment that could save your life – it's just you, the mountain and if you think ahead, a pair of gloves.

The people who accept the mountain's hiking challenge are usually young daredevils using this opportunity to show-off their mad skills; unfortunately many of them have fatal accidents. Although many speak of around 100 deadly accidents on the Huashan Trail every year, thanks to Chinese censorship there are no official records of any such incidents.

Huashan Mountain has five peaks, which when looked from a certain angle make the mountain look like a flower. There's the East Peak (Facing Sun Peak), Middle Peak (Jade Maiden Peak), West Peak (Lotus Peak), North Peak (Cloud Terrace Peak) and the South Peak, the tallest and most dangerous of them all. If you are brave and lucky enough to reach its summit you are rewarded with an incredible view of the whole mountain complex.

Last Updated on Saturday, 09 November 2013 15:32

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