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Visiting Yancheng the Former ‘Salt City’

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Yancheng is one of the fastest developing cities in China. With so many unique tourist attractions and even one of the wonders of the world, this country is a popular tourist destination, and yet it is so vast that tourists do not really know all the different provinces and areas they can visit to have a spectacular holiday in China. When visiting the city of Yancheng, often nicknamed the Salt City due to the salt harvesting fields all around the city, there is much to see in terms of China’s massive cultural development over recent years, moving away from their salt-based economy towards manufacturing and green energy.

*Tourist Attractions in the City Changing to Reflect Yancheng's Development*

For those interested in the history of Yancheng, the New Fourth Army Hall is a great tourist attraction to learn about the past ways of life in Yancheng. In 2011 the local New Fourth Army Memorial Hall was promoted to a AAAA-class tourist attraction by the Chinese government. It is the only professional such hall in China, and offers some fantastic and educational opportunities for tourists visiting the area who wish to learn more about the local history and culture. It was built between 1985-1986 and hosts some amazing 20th century modern architecture. The New Fourth Army itself was established in 1937 as a unit of the National Revolutionary Army. The soldiers traditionally wore a decorative armband on their left sleeve with the slogan, ‘N4A’ on it, the design and colours of which can be seen above the main entrance of the Hall. This hall is a local centre for patriotic education, both primary and national, containing over a thousand pictures of different wars waged against the Republic of China, as well as some art and historical artefacts. This tourist attraction is especially interesting because it not only gives an idea of the history of the New Fourth Army, but it also explores the Chinese culture of patriotism and unity, fighting for a common cause.

Recently, Yancheng has been in the news as one of the most rapidly modernising cities in China. The citizens have been moving away from the traditional employment opportunities in the area, such as working in the salt fields, allowing these areas to be opened up to the public and kept in a conservational state. Since 2009, Yancheng became part of a twelve year long development plan which is seeing it turn to manufacturing and green energy. Unusually for such a coastal city, the area never had a port, meaning it was hard to access by sea, which hindered both economic and tourist opportunities for the city. With this development plan in operation, a port is now being developed which should allow easier exportation and also a new opportunity for tourism, as Yancheng may now be a possible stop-off point for cruises along the Chinese coast. As Yancheng is a notoriously 'windy city,' it has been decided that it is the perfect location for wind turbines, which will provide much cleaner energy for this development to take place. The local tourist attractions include conservational land such as the Wetlands and Salt Fields, both of which reflect the changes taking place in the development of the city, and are therefore excellent places to visit for tourists who wish to view the developing cultural trends currently taking place in China.

*Visiting Yancheng as a Tourist*

Yancheng has a very warm, humid climate with distinct seasons and plenty of rainfall, often with a sea breeze in the air as it is so close to the coastline. There is not a massive fluctuation in temperature yearly in Yancheng, and it averages about fifteen degrees Celsius, so tourists are advised not to dress for extremely hot weather as this is not one of the warmest provinces in China. The populations of the city roughly equals that of London at around eight million people, so it is a bustling, thriving hub of activity day and night. Yancheng is extremely accessible with fantastic transport links by road, rail, flight and sea, one of the advantages of being a highly developed coastal town.

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