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Wuxi Cherry Blossom Festival

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Wuxi Taihu International Cherry Blossom Festival, one of the unique events to Wuxi, is now ongoing until the end of April. The city had its opening ceremony on March 21 at the Cherry Blossom Valley of Turtle Head Peninsula Park. Many local government authorities participated the ceremony, with many guests and local residents.  This event has become a national famous tourism event for the city, attracting thousands people to come and enjoy.

In addition to its heavy focus on cherry blossom, the festival will also be host to a variety of Japanese cultural activities as well. We will see if there would be some effects on this year's celebration after a territory dispute around an island in the East China Sea between two countries, China and Japan. Thousands of people visit Wuxi each year to admire the blossoming cherry trees that herald the beginning of spring in Jiangsu's old but prosperous city.

The city provides information on the history of the festival, a calendar of events surrounding the festival, and opportunities to purchase tickets for some of special events during the festival.  Pay attention to local weather broadcast to know in advance of its weather changes that may reflect when the blossom will be in bloom.  Unfortunately there are not many sources available in other language than Mandarin.

Keep in your mind that the festival is one of Wuxi's greatest tourist events, and hotel rooms may not only be hard to find but you'll be paying peak seasonal prices as well.


Last Updated on Monday, 15 April 2013 13:02