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Chinese Valentine's DayFebruary 14 is approaching and don't forget to prepare your Valentine's Day flowers or gifts for your lover/lovers!

In Jiangsu's cities, Valentine's Day is celebrated by people, including expatriates and many younger Chinese locals. You will see a lot of celebrations in different locations in public or private. The cities with a big expat community like Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, Nantong and Yangzhou will see increased crowd in gift shops or other stores. Wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Valentine's Day!!!


China's own Valentine's Day is, actually, on the 7th day of the 7th Lunar month in the Chinese calendar. But a poster on this forum provides a different story. See the link for detail:


In general, the 7th day of the 7th Lunar month in the Chinese calendar would be the day to celebrate the lover's day. There is its story.

In ancient China, Dong Yun, a filial piety son and a farmer, lived with his father. They were so poor that when his dad died Dong Yun even did not have enough money to buy a coffin for the deceased. In desperation he sold himself to a greedy landlord as a slave in exchange for bucks to bury his father.

His story moved an angel who is the seventh daughter of the Goddess of the Heaven. She broke the rules of the Heaven and descended to the Earth in secret. With her sisters’ help, she was arranged to meet Yun and finally married him. She wove 300 bolts of cloth within a month for the landlord in return for her husband’s relief from slavery.

Months later, however, the Goddess finally was aware of her daughter's disappearing and sent right way warriors to the Earth to take her daughter back. The angel was dragged to leave her husband but Dong Yun chased after to the sky. To prevent fierce warriors from harming her husband, the angel made a river in a hurry, the Milky Way, in the sky using her hairpin, which kept her husband away from warriors but unfortunately separated forever him from her.

In the Heaven, the angle gave a birth of a baby boy but the Goddess ruled that the infant should not stay. The newborn was seized from grieving mom and was sent back to Yun who was in poverty. Day and night, the lonely husband bore his crying infant on his back but the sobbing wife was instead in custody.

Touched by the desperate situation, the Goddess eventually agreed that the couple could meet once a year. With help from a bird species, magpie, using their bodies and feather, a bridge is formed over the river by countless flying birds, on which the broken family could ultimately reunite in the evening of the 7th Day of the 7th Lunar Month, each year in China’s lunar calendar. This day is now depicted the China’s Valentine’s Day.

Three Jiangsu cities, Danyang City, Dongtai County and Jintan City, have all claimed their own city is the origin of this folk legend and the hometown for Dong Yun. The fight is not finished yet.





Last Updated on Thursday, 14 February 2013 15:15