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Nantong.jiangsu.NET will publish a series of short articles in its News Section to introduce Nantong's twin cities across the world. The first article introduces the city of Swansea from Wales in the UK.

Nantong's twin city: Swansea, Wales, UK

Nantong's twin city - Swansea of Wales, UKWhen you search with "Swansea", you would immediately see such introduction like "Wales' golden coastal city". Never heard of the the city and where have you been?

Swansea is the hometown of many very well-known hollywood megastars including actress Catherine Zeta Jones, ten miles from the birthplace of Hollywood megastars Anthony Hopkins, Richard Burton and Ray Milland. In the next valley, singer Tom Jones was born. Even the world's first railway service was Welsh - born here in Swansea !

This peninsular is the U.K.'s first official "Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty", Swansea Maritime Quarter is acknowledged as world class, and our parklands roll down to a bay that has inspired a thousand poems .....

Swansea is truly all Wales' maritime dreams come true.
With arguably one of the finest seascapes in Europe and a spectacular Maritime Quarter lodged in the spine of a golden half-moon bay, Swansea nestles in the shadow of seven hills, between roaming parklands and the lapping tides of an inspirational shoreline. Follow it and you are led to the timeless secrets of Gower peninsular, with a dozen more sandy bays, green pastures, enchanting castles, mysterious woodlands, atmospheric rural charm and a prehistoric heritage. This coast became the U.K.'s first official "Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty".
Swansea is the county where everything is reconciled - the hills to the coast, the city to the countryside, contemporary life contrasts poetically with timeless landscapes.
The quality of life here is characterised by the breathtaking natural location, bonded with an exciting night and daylife. You can indulge in any activity you can conceive - from surfing, microlighting, rock climbing or yachting - to pony trekking, water skiing, golf or hang-gliding. Later in the evening you can chill at one of the U.K.'s most happening night scenes - dozens of clubs and more than two hundred bars & restaurants !
Where is Swansea?
The nation of Wales shares the island of Great Britain with two other very different countries - England and Scotland. To the east, Wales is bordered by England and faces Ireland across the sea to the west. The city and county of Swansea is located on the southern, sandy coast of Wales, and occupies the peninsular of  Gower.  Swansea lies some 60 miles west of the Welsh border with England and 38 miles west of Cardiff, the capital city of Wales.

Swansea Castle has borne witness to city affairs since medieval times.

To take a walk, cycle or to rollerblade along Swansea's five mile bayside promenade is a bewitching experience. Visitors to the city have been intoxicated by Swansea sea air for hundreds of years - it has exhilarated poets and lured settlers since Viking times a thousand years ago. To inhale the ozone and feel the crash of waves from this, the second highest tidal bay in the world, will conspire to saturate your every sense. For centuries, sea farers returned to this coast from chasing adventures around the globe, their poetry and songs inspired by the golden sands of  Swansea Bay.

Scandinavian invaders built a fortress at Swansea in the 10th Century and named the area after their leader, Swein. By the fourteenth century the Welsh had established ship building at Swansea, accompanied by a sea fishing tradition which was to span the succeeding centuries until the present day.  The best place to start a cyber tour of Swansea is at the Maritime Quarter, the city centre's sea faring heart; replete with yacht marinas, museums, art galleries, a theatre, bars & restaurants, an observatory and a magnificent bayside location which is incomparable in the U.K. It is here that dozens of public art treasures, ranging from stone sculptures to bronze statues, retrace the steps of Swansea's sea faring centuries through symbolism and poetry. Swansea-born actress Catherine Zeta Jones adopted her "Zeta" middle name, which can be found on wall inscriptions at the sea-facing Marine Walk promenade.

One of 20th Century's most acclaimed poets is Dylan Thomas born at Swansea's Uplands in 1914. Today his genius is honoured at the Maritime Quarter with definitive performances of his work at the Dylan Thomas Theatre, Dylan Thomas Literature Centre, and during an annual festival. His bronze statue faces toward 'a long and splendid curving shore' - the bay Thomas gazed across as a child and which inspired his early work. Dylan's world-wide army of fans includes Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton; former U.S. President Carter opened Swansea's Dylan Thomas Literature Centre in 1995.

The 600 berth bayside marina complex at the Maritime Quarter includes three distinct marinas interlinked by waterways. The larger was founded on Swansea's historic south dock, established for copper trade in the 19th Century. This marina (above & below) is the focus for a quayside village which has revived the fortunes of the old dock's characterful buildings. Adjacent, the Tawe Basin marina was traditionally an artery which served the main dock. Finally, the River Tawe marina is located at the mouth of the city riverway and is artificially maintained to half tide level by an innovative water barrage.


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