Useful Suzhou Travel Tips Trip Advices Tour Suggestions

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Useful Suzhou Travel Tips Trip Advices Tour Suggestions

Postby suzhoucar » Tue Apr 23, 2013 3:53 pm

Best Time to go Suzhou

Suzhou enjoys the subtropical marine monsoon climate, with distinct season differences, spring is warm, summer burning hot, autumn cool and comfortable while winter cold and cloudy. The hottest days in Suzhou come in Judy to August, with the highest temperature above 37 C (99 F). The coldest time is from the late January to early February. The best travel time to Suzhou is in spring (Apr-mid May) and fall (October-mid Nov).

Suzhou Shopping Tips

Enjoying the reputation of "the Heaven on earth" and "Oriental Venice", Suzhou offers great shopping chances with famed shopping streets. Shiquan Street is the most prosperous street with a wide variety of shops from century’s old, special shops or modern malls; Guanqian Street is celebrated for top-end designer’s brands worldwide; Shilu Pedestrian Street offers miscellaneous merchandise.

Dining in Suzhou

Suzhou Popular Food/Local Specialty

1 Sweet-scented Osmanthus Chicken

This chicken dish uses white sugar and sweet-scented osmanthus sugar as raw materials.

2 Noodles in Maple Town

These noodles are also called white soup noodles. The soup is clear, and the stewed meat is crisp and soft.

3 Ao Zao Noodle

The quick-fry fish and bittern duck noodle is the most famous noodle dish in Suzhou.

4 Pine Nut and Date Cake

As a famous traditional snack in Suzhou, the pine nut and date cake are made from sugar, eggs, food oil and wheat powder.

5 Suzhou Confections

Suzhou is located near Taihu Lake, so it is teeming with plums, apricots, loquats, waxberries, peaches and golden oranges.

6 Bittern bean curd

Bittern bean curd is a famous specialty in Suzhou. It has a red color and unique taste. It can be eaten as a confection or bittern dish.

Safety in Suzhou

Violent crime is rare is Suzhou but some little crimes like pick-pocketing, bike theft and sexual harassment was occasionally. Pay attention to over friendly strangers, who probably dress well, speak fluent English, around the People's square, and entrances/exits of museums or art galleries who invited you to art gallery, tea shop or karaoke and you're unlikely to be physically harmed by will be forced to big a large bill for a simple bear something similar. Call 110 if you encounter such situations and the Chinese police would be of help.

Another scam happening in temple area, you will be lied and make a wish, burn an incense which ends up with hundreds or thousands of money; but the trick also comes directly like being asked how much you want to donate. Legitimate temples in Chain ever charge followers in this way.

Don't rush into or out of Suzhou metro trains in the last moment since the train doors will close before all passengers have boarded.

Nightlife / Entertainment in Suzhou

Suzhou has a whole host of pubs and bars. In SIP, Li Gong Di '1912' bar area plays host to several popular bars including Ollie’s, Tunnel bar, Jenny’s and Goodfellas, which all feature daily happy hour deals and live music. The Blue Marlin nearby has also proven to be a very popular bar/restaurant at any time during the week.

Shi Quan Jie Bar Street is a very popular choice for those looking for a cheap bar at any time during the week or weekend. Located downtown, bars include The Bookworm, Drunken Clam, Pulp Fiction and Jane’s bar.

Transportation in Suzhou
http://shanghai-suzhou-transfers.webs.c ... r-services
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Re: Useful Suzhou Travel Tips Trip Advices Tour Suggestions

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very useful tips and advice
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