Now domestic tourism to the fore

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Now domestic tourism to the fore

Postby proto123 » Tue Aug 04, 2009 2:02 pm

In domestic tourism related activities, people travel from their normal domicile to other areas inside their country. No documentation, passport of visas are required in this process. The only difference is that permission is needed from the concerned authorities to visit reserved forests and other restricted areas.

Ninety percent of the world tourist movements according to the World Trade Organization (WTO) are domestic. Domestic tourist movements in many countries are twenty five times more than international tourist movements. WTO has estimated that seventy five to eighty percent of all tourist expenditure is incurred within the traveler’s own country.

These figures vary widely; ninety four percent in the U.S, seventy five percent for UK, and forty four percent for Switzerland. According to the WTO estimates, the global domestic tourist movement in the year 1983 was about 3000 million. Prof. Wilford Owen, an American, has developed an approach to travel within a country by a system of index called, “passenger mobility”. The index is an average of the following:

• Passenger miles per capita
• Passenger car per capita
• Rail lines for 10,000 population
• Surface highways per 100 square miles
• Surface highways per 10,000 population

The index is based on 100, France being the normative country with 100. It is an indication or the mobility or the mobility within a country, and shows the degrees to which transportation has developed and also gives an idea of the degree of development of tourism within a country. Today, countries like Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, and Thailand have certainly moved out of their 1981 category. So has France.

The general policy enacted by the International Union of Official Tourist Organization (IUOTO) and the United Nations Conference International Travel and Tourism (Rome, 1963) have placed special emphasis on the development of domestic tourism. In Kerala resorts(highlink deleted) have been benefiting much from the domestic tourists by offering rooms at affordable prices last year when the arrival of the international tourist turned into a trickle due to the global financial meltdown.
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Re: Now domestic tourism to the fore

Postby nickistin » Sun Aug 16, 2009 8:38 pm

so what?
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