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We are leaving China and our Ayi and Driver need work!

PostPosted: Thu May 30, 2013 6:49 pm
by road cougar
We are a Spanish/American couple with five children, and we are leaving Nanjing after 16+ years here.

We have an excellent driver who has worked for us for the last three years (after going through several really not good drivers, so believe me, we know the difference!) He is always on time, drives safely, and knows his way around Nanjing. He was a taxi driver for several years so any place you tell him he knows how to get there. Just contact me if you are interested and I can put you in touch with him.

We also have two lovely Ayis, sisters, who have worked with us for 10 years now. Our youngest is almost 11 years old so they really have been with us on this entire journey as parents. Again, we have been here 16 plus years and tried other ayis, as well as seeing friends and aquaintances go through several ayis. It is saying a lot that these two sisters have kept house for us, cooked, cleaned, grocery shopped, taken care of our children from 2 weeks old to 10yrs old, sometimes several of the children at a time. They have traveled with us, and taken care of the children many times when my husband and I have had to leave them to travel.

Wang Ayi is the younger sister, she is smiley, open, easy to communicate with (neither sister speaks English), and super energetic. Her specialty is French style crepes for breakfast, and roast lemon chicken drumsticks for dinner. She has traveled with us many times to Thailand, Spain and USA. She has a current USA visa, it will expire in October but is easily renewable by mail (she doesn't have to go to the consulate in person). She should also be able to get an EU visa as she has been several times.

Yong Jun is the older sister and she is a very hard worker. Her specialty is an egg/tomato dish and garlic spinach. She is very flexible about her hours and is willing to be paid per hour as long as she is getting enough hours overall. Her hourly rates are very reasonable and she is willing to work weekends, evenings, and many hours.

They make an amazing team if someone is able to hire both, but they are also great separately. They have taken care of our chaotic, messy, big family for all these years which is saying A LOT! They really have good hearts and care for the children--for me the bottom line has always been that I have 100% trust that my kids are safe and well taken care of. Please don't hesitate to contact me to set up an interview or to get more information. We would love to know they have a good job to go to when we leave.