Hiring 15K-23K PER MONTH for Teaching Job in China! Free Acc

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Hiring 15K-23K PER MONTH for Teaching Job in China! Free Acc

Postby teachingchina » Wed Aug 14, 2019 1:03 pm

To Apply visit this link: http://cips.io/80577b
Hiring~~ 15 K-23 K PER MONTH for Teaching Job in China! Free Accommodation And Lunch$$$ Job Content1. Teach English to 3-15 year old children2. Make decorations for the classroom. 3. Lesson plan and prepare additional teaching material. 4. Attend school-wide events and activities. 5. Comply with school rules, regulations, and policies. 6. Working time: 40hour/week, never overtime. Benefits: 1 Salary: 15-23 K+ RMB/M(pre-tax), depends on city, interview performance and task performance. 2board and lodging: They offer free accommodation and lunch. 3holidays paid annual leave, holidays in accordance with national statutory holidays. 4other benefits: One round trip ticket for family visit, Training and team building and so on. Requirements1. Native English speaker, such as USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa2. Over 23 years of age, Bachelor degree or above3. At least 1 years of teaching related experie
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