One of a University in Huanan is looking for English Native

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One of a University in Huanan is looking for English Native

Postby findworkabroad » Wed May 15, 2019 6:48 pm

To Apply visit this link:
One of a Institute of Technology is looking for English ESL teacher for new school year Sep2019-July2020
1. contract period is Sep 9th 2019-July 8th 2020. 10 months salary in 1 year contract.
2. Teacher must require to have Ba degree or above. English native only.
3. Salary: Ba degree salary is 8000 RMB, master degree salary is 8600 RMB, winter holiday in Feb 2020 is full paid.
4. Bonus 12k will be paid in July 2020.
5. School provides facility single apartment, providing 2400 RMB water and electricity bill allowance to the teacher

If you are interested in this position, pals send me your cv and self introduce video.

To apply visit this link:
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