University English Tutor, Maximum 16 Working Hours/Week, Fre

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University English Tutor, Maximum 16 Working Hours/Week, Fre

Postby findworkabroad » Thu May 17, 2018 3:39 am

School Type: University
Location: Chengdu
Working Hours: Less than 16 hours/week
Sutdent Range: 19-22
Vacancies: 1

About Our School

- Free accommodation, a flat to yourself, not shared
- Its museum is one of largest natural museum in West China, is features 100,000 specimens, national and world class treasures
- The library is extensive, has one of the largest archives in Sichuan
- Convenient transport links to around Chengdu
- Delicious restaurants and snacks right at your doorste p
- Free accommodation, a flat to yourself, not shared

City Introduction

Chengdu is the burgeoning capital and economic hub of the vast and stunning Sichuan province. A fashionable city of overwhelming beauty and rich culture, where tradition and modernity co-exist. Recently ranked as the best-performing major city in China and as a recent survey suggests, the hap piest place to live in the country. Experience an excellent quality of lif e and a relaxing lifestyle. Delve into a place recognized as the UNESCO city of gastronomy, taste the regions distinguished and delicious cuisine. Travel to the city the pandas call home. Find co nvenienc e in easy transport links to acros s Sichuan and China to the maj or tourist hots pots. Come to Chengdu for a great e xperience.

Salary Range: 7,000-8,000 RMB/Month

Other Benefits:

Accommodation within the campus
flight bonus 8000 RMB after full completion
Working Visa Provided

1. Plan and deliver English lessons 2. Teach in the classroom less than 16 hours per week, work 5 days for one week 3. Implement suitable classroom manageme nt system 4. Evaluating student progress an d providing ongoing guidance for im provement 5. Take part in campus activities and events like English Corner or others
Please contact Leo at for more information, we look forward to hear from you soon.

To apply visit this link:
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